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632 on Hudson is an ideal location for both film and still photography.

Because of the architectural layout of the space there are a multitude of visually interesting vantage points. There is plentiful natural light on four sides as well as skylights, especially around the central 40-ft atrium.

There are a variety of pre-styled environments, and each area of the space has its own personality and design aesthetic, making it perfect for use as multiple sets or locations.

Shoots have access to the multitude of "props" and furnishings collected from around the globe, including artifacts from many different time periods.

The space boasts an outdoor area on the roof with seating and statuary, made up of an herb garden surrounded by trellises covered in wisteria, grape, and even a gazebo fashioned from an historic New York city Rosenwach water tank housing an antique Chinese Buddha.

632 Below can be rented for the "main event", but with its three bathrooms and full kitchen it also makes an excellent area for "holding", wardrobe and hair & makeup.

The unexpected and whimsical "Speakeasy" is both an exotic set and a great place to retreat to for a quiet moment.

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